Awesome day representing the Red Shield at the Mary Stevens Hospice Summerfest charity event today at Himley Hall.

Kicking off not-so-bright and early with the Saturday NoGi class; double legs and sprawls to transition to the back to begin, then half guard passing variations at the request of our dedicated students.

Next up when the sun came out was the GBKids class – great to see so many future Champs on the mat and displaying true Brazilian jiu-jitsu lifestyle, rolling in the fresh air and having a fantastic time.

And to conclude the afternoon a hot and heated GB1 class on sun heated mats accompanied by a melee of music.

Plus there was plenty of time to indulge in an 8 a side Volley Ball match (which is why we do Jiujitsu!), climbing trees, playing football, trying out the Zorb Balls, walking through waterfalls and even a cheeky ice cream, or two!

Truly awesome day bringing the team together and showcasing the true Brazilian jiu-jitsu lifestyle as well as the techniques! Huge thank you to all those team members and parents who came out to support today, throw down in the middle of the park and (especially the early morning students) braving the weather.

This is Gracie Barra

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