Meet Priya – the youngest ever starter at Gracie Barra Wolverhampton. Now 5yrs old, Priya first stepped on the mats almost 2 years ago with her brother and sisters as some of the very first students on our GBKids programme. Today she runs onto the mats, collects the cards and will quite confidently help lead a warm up – but this wasn’t always the case!

Priya’s confidence has increased ten fold. Prior to Jiujitsu she found it very difficult to deal with loud noises and other children touching her while playing and socialising. Since training twice a week her ability to listen to and follow instructions has improved so has her concentration on and off the mats. Mum also says Priya’s discipline is much better. On the mat we no longer have tears, sit around or wander aimlessly out the training area. Priya’s confidence and knowledge of Jiujitsu is growing everyday, as well as her resilience, her perseverance and her enjoyment. Plus the new friends she has made, socialising with kids her own age and older and throwing herself into challenging situations with a smile on her face.

Priya is just one example of the positive impact our GBK programme can have on kids – especially those who are shy or find making friends challenging.