Gracie Barra success stories: Meet Jiya

In her dad’s own words Before starting Brazilian Jiujitsu at Gracie Barra Jiya was shy and lacked in confidence. She was often apprehensive to ask or tell someone something, being very reserved in her mannerisms. After training for just over 18 months, recently achieving the rank of Grey belt, Jiya’s confidence has increased and she believes in herself and her abilities. Her school work has improved because she has more confidence in class and in herself. A fantastic Jiujitsu student, Jiya has learned great Jiujitsu skills and wants to compete in more competitions and win medals.

Jiujitsu has had a massive impact on Jiya’s life on and off the mats – helping her to succeed and reach her goals.

Jiya has competed in the BJJ Junior National Championships and is a BJJ Junior European medalist.