Fantastic atmosphere and spectacular performances from all our athletes, stepping up, learning and supporting. At lot of blood, sweat and tears with everyone smiling and standing together. Not only did we have a full team of competitors but a whole team of supporters too who drove up just to shout, cheer and push the team on, with Coach Steve on hand, Professor Nathan and Coach Christian. Full team – full day of adventure and even a celebratory team meal after.

White belt

Lightweight GOLD – Dave Lockwood (submission and a 16-0 victory)

Middleheavy SILVER – Matt Glear ( 2 submissions and pulling out in the final due to injury)

Middleheavy BRONZE – Danny Spencer (opening his podium charge with a devastating 19-0)

Heavyweight BRONZE Vdon Virdi

Heavyweight SILVER Lakhvear Singh

And awesome fights from Big Ben Read and Jermaine Barnett


Coach Christian GOLD lightweight Brown belt via triangle submission

Guest Instructor Coach Callum Murphy GOLD heavyweight NoGi, BRONZE middleheavy Gi

Guest Instructor Coach Rhys GOLD featherweight NoGi, BRONZE featherweight Gi, BRONZE Open class Blue belt

Fantastic day. Strong team! This is Gracie Barra.